The Spirit of Gaia emerges to address Omnium Gatherum of August Beings

For Aeons have I been chosen a hearth to Homo Sapiens

A dulcet cavatina warbled through celestial spheres

To herald the coming day-spring of spirit-seeds

Which then glimmered with plusquam perfection

By the Noble Hands of the Divine Alchemist.

Earth was in first flush of youth, and glorious

The dawn chorus that rose to meet the noon-day Sun

Porphyry-born roses, love’s mighty pennons, harbinger

Of Hope, spread roseate glow over vales and dales.

Dulcet chansons from far-away Eden cradled the cerulean globe.


Pure-Spiritual Knights who guard the most hallowed sanctuary-the Holy Grail. In deep reverence and devotion, they bow before the Holy of Holies.


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