Our Earth should by now not only have become an oasis of Arcadian joy, but indeed a paradisaical delight where all otherworldly blossoms aggregate in luxuriant consonance. Human have no doubt regressed to the point that our once beautiful cerulean planet is nonetheless teetering towards Acherontic regions. We need not imbibe neither casuistry nor self-deception, to fully realise we apparently are architects of our destinies. we invariably create our own realities. This much has even been surmised by Quantum theory and peculiar antecedents.

Our intentions, volition, thoughts and preferences help shape our physical world. We are not separate from our thoughts and volition! The interconnectedness between all sentient beings is only made apparent. We are parts and parcels of inconceivable whole!

Virtues! They resound the chord of harmony! Far above-beyond our space-time continuum, exist pure spiritual beings of seraphic beauty. These powerful pillars of creation, who in their resplendent grandeur, are appointed guardians of the Holy Grail. The embody the spiritual virtues and serve as “Exemplum Virtutis” to all human Spirits.

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