Give up this unceasing thinking

O ramble-headed ones, the king

Inside you no longer can rule,

It is nothing more than a mule…


Promethean you must become

Against tempest of hopelessness.

Love in all her comeliness,

Spread her light across sky of gloom…


All-Encompassing, All-Holy Godhead,

Is far beyond what is attainable

By humans, so we must, therefore, instead

Look within us for the immutable…


We must become a mirror to reflect

The Elysian Verities of Love.

We are the chosen, the very elect,

God’s Vicegerents, who stand above


The cesspool of blameworthy attributes.

We live only for the Ancient Beauty,

Whose Love is our Eternal Tutelary.

Our hearts bloom with praiseworthy attributes.








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