Switzerland, during balmy, vernal-ebullience days, can indeed be the most riveting place on Earth! A visit to the exquisite vineyards in the Canton of Vaud was, of course, the incipience of my love affair with the Helvetic Gem. Muscatel grapes, ripe with delicately soft verdigris, is sufficient to captivate the fastidious eyes. This indeed is perfect emblem of Nature’s plenitude ( Mirabile Dictu).


Springtide in Lucerne 

Sail across the fabled verd-azure lake Lucerne, and be enraptured and transported to the Isle of never-ending beauty.  This unspoiled bucolic wonder, whose singular magnificence could not to be overstated; gleams in otherworldly benediction. It definitely leaves you awe-struck. Straddling the famous turquoise lake are colossal mountain ranges, which aim for the vast sky with godlike determination.

Fragrant meadow flowers blossom under Helios watchful eyes. Edelweis! Pure and niveous white! May you bloom and grow forever

Beauty and Majesty abound in perfect harmony.



Most iconic of mountains is without a doubt the mercurial Matterhorn steeped in history and legends.

Who shall forget the awe-inspiring Aiguille, which points to the blue-sky with a marvelous  torch of indefatigability. We are part of everything and everything is part of us.


Bask in Sun-glorified love divine.

Let the joy of aprication

Lave you to self-annihilation.

Imbibe now Bacchus’ macerated wine,

If still you remain fearless and sober

Drink then lovers’ vintage primeur

And be filled with heavenly grandeur.

As the Ocean rises, be a diver…

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