Your inner world determines the outer. This is true and self-evident that we create our own reality! I would not commit age-old sophistry of the mystics, who indeed claimed our world was only a mere theater, and everyone joyously enacted various scenes driven perhaps by solipsism.

I still remember my first foray into our world. The first breath I drew was a shock! A reminder to me physical existence is no Maya or Cosmic Illusion. As I got older I stumbled upon the works of great artistic figures like Rumi, Goethe, Rilke, Schiller, Shakespeare and Ludwig Van Beethoven. These individuals would, of course, be my ultimate “Cheval Bataille”. 

Then came my teenage years, which I obviously can call my formative and fecund years. My interest in the opposite sex can be summarized in one phrase “Cherchez La Femme”. I am no connoisseur of women but indeed a cognoscente of the arts and metaphysics. I began to realize that women could influence men more than we tended to care. They have this unique ability to inspire us, and if we let them, can be our Custos Morum. 

Beatrice was to Dante what Laura was to Petrarch, and Goethe was no stranger to falling hopelessly in love with noble minded women. Now back to the strange phenomenon how our thoughts and emotions shape our outlook on life. Modern psychology itself is predicated upon the idea of Erlebnis meaning a conscious, ‘lived-through’ experience; the experience itself rather than the content or memory of it.(Oxford English Dictionary).


Love is all that matters-

From her core comes the birth of stars,

Whose life-transforming vista

And glorious light, shatters

Our self-imposed inertia…




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