Childlikeness can not be separated from chastity! It is independent of the Child. The phrase that adequately captures the essence or spirit of childlikeness is “Jeunesse de Coeur” Youthfulness of heart.

The Great Master Yeshua (Jesus) said once:  “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

I exhort therefore, that, we must at all times embrace the spirit of simplicity, humility and, of course, chastity. We must become chrisom-infants who live solely to fulfill the Will of the personality of Godhead!

Jeunesse dorée or gilded youth has indeed eroded the translucence of the pure spirit indwelling. When at last we emerge into this aureate cocoon of being, we then surrender to the hymnic chorus of collective consciousness: Omnia Ad Dei Gloria” All things to the Glory of God-

Every spring should perhaps turn us all into Galanthophiles (collectors of snowdrops). A snowdrop is an early-flowering bulbous plant ( Galanthus nivalis), having a white pendent flower; also, a flower, bulb, or single plant of this. OED

These niveous blossoms of spring are perfect emblems of unsullied youth or pure childlikeness, from which ensues other praiseworthy attributes such as modesty, humility, perseverance, gentleness, meekness and fidelity.

Behold the majesty of the Edelweiss-lace. It strives in alpine mountains inaccessible to enthusiasts and treasure hunters. Who, indeed, can doubt the preciousness of these delicate snow-white flowers. The pure embodiment of Childlikeness in Nature. 

Let Chastity sleep in baldachined bed of Edelweiss and Snowdrops.


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