Music, amalgamation of concordant

Sound that can inspirit and imbue us

With radiant strength and glorious light.

I, Orpheus, son of Apollo, who charmed

Wild beast, trees, dryads and mountains.

Through favonian breeze of sweet strains,

That my sacred lyre weaved out of my nimble

fingers, O what salubrious harmonies

I created with love for the deities.

And Mealy-mouthed that I was, lived in

Euphonious world of enduring silence.

The Muses, godlike in nature, who

Extolled man to seek beauty in his heart.

Who from infancy of every living soul

Led us to a more exalted state of being.

Erato, my favourite of the Corycian Nymphs-

The one crowned with Ruby-coloured exquisite

Roses, and whose sweet-strung lyre is archetype

Of my Apollo-blessed lyre of immaculate joy!

I conquered the Stygian underworld laden

With Trophonian heaviness of despair,

And discordant tones of wailing into

Angelic, life-Affirming melodies.


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