C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were Oxford professors after the end of first World War. The deep and long-lasting friendship between these two literary luminaries would inspire them to great heights in the world of letters. Both Tolkien and Lewis are revered, and world-renowned for their fictions. Indeed Tolkien claim to fame is centred on his Masterwork Lord of the Ring Trilogy and Lewis, in turn, has captivated  a worldwide audience with his Narnia Chronicles.


A dialogue between the two masters

CS Lewis

I used to be an atheist, who,

In twilight hours, pondered the philosophy

of Pyrrhonism, Existentialism,

the Eristics and Socrates.


Could there be a Raison D’ Etre for God’s

Existence amidst the appalling

Condition of humanity?

I was malcontent with a raffish charm,

But I nonetheless never stopped hoping

For a paradigm shift in collective consciousness

Of humanity.

J.R.R Tolkien

That was ages ago so to speak.

You, in just only few years, have

Taken the mantle of a sentinel.

A devout Christian who revels

In the agape love of Christ Consciousness.

My interests and metier lay obviously

In the Norse Sagas, Germanic

And Icelandic languages.

A philologist who somehow created

A new living language.

The path less travelled is the only

One that ultimately leads to self-knowledge.




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