Green is the colour of revivisence.

In spring comes nature’s awakened vigour.

Warm glowing blood flows with efflorscence

of sprightliness, so it radiates red.

A heart engirdled by love divine sees

The light-engendered monad in humankind.

Millions are the helping hands above

Earth to lift the leaden weight of sorrow.

Strive for the Isle of supreme blessedness,

Which is summit of all human spirits.

Restless the spirit; glorious the triumph,

Heaven’s lighthouse shall cast its lucent rays

Upon agitated waves of truculence.

Becalm my heart; Sophia’s translucence

Flame shall burn brightly in the cavernous

Terrain of this unexplored frontier,

And so shall you, luminous one, soar

Beyond sub-lunary worlds of self doubt.

Imperceptibly powerful the spark

Of Divinity that your body immures.

Effulgent as the cerulean sapphire,

So must man’s fervent prayers glow brighter


Than the immovable lonely daystar.

Summit after Summit seems to defy

Our indomitable will, our courage

falter not in the raging winter storm.

Perfection of spirit is within reach.

The inaccessible eyrie lies deep-

Our very true self, resplendent, asleep!

Within you are white lotuses pulchritude

And pullulating effortlessly, when

Your thoughts, living, aspire to the highest!



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