Season of flowers is what I call spring! Who would not feel enraptured by the sight of tulips in myriad colours. Call out the great paysagists of this world and latter-day Turners! My most beloved bloom is, of course, the Dephinium. There is something otherworldly about this singular beauty, and its indigo-blue colour has an uplifting effect on observers. The rolling meadows of Amethyst is appropriate sobriquet for the most beguiling of blossoms.


Summer is hot! Summer is bright! Incandescent, bubbling and vivacious. Time for animals to emerge their hibernaculum, and be bathed in sumptuous sunshine. Nature is alive and enlivened by a power not before felt in a long while. Ratheness of esculent grapes are wholesome to the eyes…irresistible to the palette…



Nature in quiescent state. Its once brisk activity in abeyance. Veronese Green leaves are turning rubiginous and feuillemorte! Boughs are shedding tears, and stag-headed trees form stark silhouettes. It is time to again retreat to my cosy habitat and watch the sun go down.



All is white and grey! Snowflakes appear to remind us of the yuletide festivity of hope and redemption. This is time to become a charming putto, a childlike cherub with eyes of wonder for the world gone cold. Let it snow and let it snow, they all sing falderol-like.

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