On the very day of my birth.

I had a tryst with destiny.

The stars were aligned perfectly,

Nature was joyous and in mirth.

So began an odyssey of prominence,

And through the years I searched in silence

For answers to things recondite,

Ever determined, my heart’s flight

To  alveary of Universal Knowledge

Which is to be found at the very edge

Of all things ethereal and spiritual.

At Night I star-gazed the vast skies,

God’s Hand I saw with clear eyes-

Unchanging are His far-reaching Laws

That always compelled us to seek

His Ways to noble accomplishments

I acknowledge this perfection as I speak…

As yet no one can find any flaw

In Creation’s clockwork Machine.

My birth was not in Baldachin,

Nor in a porphyry-chamber,

Nor my nativity anywhere hallowed.

Later I then fell into deep slumber

Of forgetfulness-my spirit fallowed,

It was as if I had drunk from Lethe

Or perhaps swallowed a pill of Nepenthe…

A glimpse of the majesty of beauty

Inherent in every human spirit,

Flared up in my god-engendered heart, lit

By cosmic fire, universal harmony.

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