My prayers, ardent and heaven-bound, which with golden thyrsus and angel’s pinions; soar love-tinged empyrean. I am beside myself with longing. O minstrel of the soul to whom shall I intone my woes? Who shall now hear my heartbreaking lament?

Life without the eternal beloved is bereft of life! I remember our first communion, when all at once we became a million living day-suns beaming exultant jubilation.

To stay buoyant in Ocean of bliss I must remain light as feather-no separation between I and the Unity of being.



My eternal compeer, O pious spirit and sentinel of the East. You once trod this lonely spiritual footpath that required inexorable assiduity. In drunkenness you became sober. Love is like delicious sorbet! Our spirits can not be satiated! Love is the panacea of all ills. Spagyrists that we both are, we are forever bound to the quest to find the elusive philosopher’s stone.



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