For millennia generations have indeed been captivated by great writers, playwrights and poets. I, therefore, shall endeavour to delineate twelve of the most outstanding and greatest writers of all time.

Dante, Goethe and Shakespeare are widely considered the triumvirate of Western Literature with absolute justification. They are the ne plus ultra of European Literature. 

Goethe obviously had a greater range than his other illustrious luminaries. He is said to be the last renaissance to walk the earth, and of course the tonal range of his immense ouevre is all the more impressive when judged against the backdrop of the French Revolution. The Sturm und Drang (storm and stress at STORM) movement, which the great genius helped initiate in 1770s, would invariably be upstaged by paroxysm of bloodbath in France by the Sansculottes, demagogues and caitiffs. Their onslaughts and animosities against the Monarchy, aristocrats and the bourgeoise shook the whole of Europe.

Yet our myriad-minded genius never lost the aura of Olympian Serenity! Dante, in my view, was the luminous Pharos of the middle ages. The Dantean is me is so receptive to his Magnum Opus Commedia Divina.

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