Our earth-lives must be nothing short of a grand symphony overarching notes of pleasantness, joy, harmony and concord between all human spirits and creation at large. Many Christians in particular behave like little children, when they are rapt in awe as the Thaumaturges go about their business.

Is existence in itself not worthy of our admiration and gratitude? Why do we only show fervid interest in miracles and not in the grandeur of the vast Cosmos? These so-called miracles, which in their entirely and spiritual happenings, only affirm the Greatness of the All-Wise Creator of the Universe.

Joyful Jubilation of Existence! Let every moment of existence be joyful paean to the Almighty Father. His Mercy endures forever and forever. Neither the Theurgies of the ancient cultures nor the abstruseness of the latter-day theosophists have any semblance of simplicity and nobility of thought.

Simplicity, humility and Modesty are the fulcrum on which Love golden rays find anchorages within us. They are altogether the auroral mysteries of eternal beauty! We must cultivate simplicity and humility in our personal lives-for in simplicity true greatness lies!

We have made an Idol of the All-Holy Creator through our evil propensity of anthropomorphism. By ascribing human form and attributes to the Supreme deity, whose everlasting might and inexhaustible power lie outside the purview of the mind and spirit of man, we thereby debase His Pure Holiness!

To send light into darkness of men’s heart-such is the duty of the artiste~Robert Schumann (1810-1856).

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