Self-annihilation by fire

Is the Moth’s only desire.

Oh luminous candlelight!

Earnest is my joy-winged flight.


To fly towards this pure light,

Where I can shed my ego.

To bear its immense might

And be no more than zero.


The tireless Chrysalis

Is sweet metamorphosis.

In white-heat effervescence

Can I attain efflorescence.


The bubbling Chateau-bottled

Chablis is pure ecstasy.

By pure love is the mottled

Light becomes a poesy


Of undulated Beauty

Pouring into hearts of men,

Let Love and Divine purity

Uplift Humankind: Amen


O joy-inebriated Sun

O radiant are you, Morn

Of everlasting glory!

There is no mystery


Between the rose and the Lily-

Forever intertwined in holy

Communion of harmony

And sweet-voiced antiphony.





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