Lake Lucerne

This is where beauty and eternity meet.

An eternal kiss that never ends, mountains

Stand guard as unmoveable sentry, sweet

The noble mien; unbending your courage strains.

O Lake Lucerne peaceful the hymns that flow

Out of your rich sapphire-blue allegory.

I shall never forget the solemn glow

That pulses from you with heavenly glory.


Lake Lucerne is a picture-perfect destination for connoisseurs of beauty and aesthetes. Here is the abode of heavenly dreams that is near fruition and perfection. A haven of peace, a refuge for lovers seeking escape from angst of existence. Is it any wonder that many artistic figures of past and present found this place so alluringly majestic? The mountains rise upwards to embrace all your lofty aspirations, and the cerulean lake habour your sweet hopes with tenderness of a mother’s solicitude.


Come here if you seek peace, and harmony is your watchword. Lake Lucerne is perfect tapestry of colours and tones; a tessellated mosaic of exquisite gems of grandeur. Following in the footsteps of the famous epopoeist (writer of epic poetry) Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832), who so much enjoyed this idyllic place to have written a lovely poem in commemoration. I, too, have written the above short poem to immortalise my sojourn amongst the gods.


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