The Titan in man is asleep.

So deep this love-longing sleep!

The brumal night still hold sway

But the Sun shall rise this day.



I remembered those Halcyon’s days,

When Zephyr blew across Deutscheland!

And Aeolian maids roamed our blessed land.

Those special moments my Spirit praised.

Versed was I in Hermes Trismegitus-

Though his teachings was obscured by men,

My Spirit nonetheless gleaned their beauty

And I, through my formation years, turned Magus…

I lived in Truth’s resplendent dawn, bathed in it…




The Hindus affirm believe in Brahman,

As the eternally formless and changeless.

There is, however, a Divine Spark in man

That is pure spiritual nonetheless.



O human spirit! if only you knew the powers welled within

The core of your consciousness, which in itself is a drop of

Water in the All-permeating Collective Consciousness of pure

Love, you would, in all likelihood, have transformed the earth

Into a Vast Rosarium where lovely boursault and Damask

Roses flourish delightfully in fulsomeness.



Every thought, thimbleful as it may seem, can create a powerful

Ripple effect stretching cosmic distances. Now see how each and

Everyone is solely responsible for the state of Earth.

I exhort you, Homo Sapiens, Keep your thoughts pure and simple.



There is nothing so regal as the Opalescent

Fire that God, in His Infinite Love, placed

Deep in our beings, and only by purity

Of heart can its luminosity flares up

To becoming a mighty conflagration.



The tablets of our hearts must at all times

Be white as snow that praise-worthy virtues-

May be inscribed on them in blood-red rubies.

These heavenly gems sparkle with fervour

In the pure spiritual beings who rose

In first circle of spiritual perfection,

Existing in the most exalted Sphere

Of creation: outside the steps to the

Throne of the Ever-Living Creator.



Man’s overweening pride and senseless cravings

lead unswervingly to perdition and eternal death.

If he would at least grab the lifeline of love

Divine and soar upwards in her sublime rays.



Let divine Love be your lodestar.

Once you have becalmed those torrent

Of thoughts assailing your ego,

Then the spirit indwelling will

At last rise up in full glory:

Becoming the ageless, eternal being…




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