Only a refined being who also has developed his inner faculties to the highest potentialities can indeed attain paradise. Jalal-al- Din Rumi, in his masterpiece Masnavi, clearly implies such possibility. Man can be an Alytarch of world affairs where order and harmony ensue effortlessly through his works, or perhaps a Choragus who lead the Chorus for unparalleled exultation of the spirit.

The heart of man in its raw and inchoate state is dark pitch melanite, but after sustained purification and love, it turns into a universality of spiritual essence, which is pleasing to the En-Soph-the Absolute Infinite and Ultimate Reality: the incomprehensible God.

We humans are pilgrims passing through Earth in search of Eternal Truth, and over many centuries many spiritual precursors emerged to guide us through salient steps to full awakening of the Spirit!


A Sanctuary lamps glows

Incessantly in the dark.

So must Souls become: Ark

Of light that forever flows.


Our outer world reflects us-

Mirror of our inner self.

Intellect is but an elf

To the Soul: a Proteus…


That which is unchanging is

The Spirit indwelling, bright

Spark of wonder, an Iris

Endowed with supernal light…




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