Wouldn’t it be great to have such pan-optic view on life’s myriad tones and shades? This, I believe, ought to not be the reserve of the Sufis, Yogis, Mystics, Neoplatonists, and last but not least, the Cabbalists. It is fair to surmise we possess deep inside our being that Oriflamme, which to all intents and purposes should be a rallying point for all that is noble, true and beautiful in the human spirit.

The debate around the afterlife has indeed become an ontological argument. It is, however, crystal clear most materialists are deeply belligerent on the notion that the spirit-the ethereal living essence- lives on after physical death. One of the major features of an Near Death Experience is the so-called Life-Review. 

A life-review is more than “Mauvais quart d’heure”. It gives us a concentus understanding of the subtleties of earthly existence; a panoramic view of everything we ever said, did or thought.  The Omneity of God is made only too apparent in these spiritual happenings. These lofty experiences themselves allow us to see the interconnectedness between all sentient beings, and that Love is all there is…

The three of fundamental laws of nature are as follows: law of attraction, law of reciprocity and law of spiritual gravity, and these laws work in concertina.

We can see in action how are thoughts, words and actions create a power ripple effects that even outlive our physical lives, but whose far-reaching effects continue to reverberate through the fabric of space-time continuum. We pass judgement upon ourselves by re-living everything we ever did; only when we have come to full understanding that there is no separateness in consciousness between all human beings; that we are indeed parts of one indivisible whole- would forgiveness/atonement be granted to us by the infinity mercy of the All-Holy Father.

Near Death Experiencers are no malade Imaginaires. Every one of them will tell you how alive they felt- when at point of physical death, they experienced their spirits left the corporeal shells and awoke in the hereafter. All the accounts collated by IANDs (International Association for Near Death Studies) so far seem to corroborate the continuing existing of the spirit after cessation of physical existence. Another facet of their narrative is that seeing events of their physical lives from high vantage-point of ethereality, makes their whole earth-lives dreamlike in comparison with the more exalted and rarefied experiences of the afterlife. Everything there is instantaneous! The vividness, vibrant colours of the flowers; the angelic chorus which imbues one with elixir of life and invigoration.

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