The vinous-soaked sun is no more, and only a pale rose-coloured afterglow remains- to remind us of the former fervour of Helios-fired noonday majesty. In few hours time Earth will return to a Crepuscular, quiescent state. I fervently long for Night when my stellar friends will converge to glorify the sky. Earthlings will by then be in grip of somnolence while I the Magus-Hermes Trismegitus true protege, will spend quiet hours by the reredos deep in contemplation.

The lofty peaks of greatness and nobility beckon those who, in sorrow or gaiety, surrender to the moment. It is said there is never a separation between sentient beings. Each and everyone actually embodies the microcosm-a fractal within a fractal within a fractal…this is not, I suppose, ad infinitum. For God alone is infinite. His Will encompasses the worlds…

Indeed I am conversant with Pythagorico-platonic ideals, which embolden me to seek beyond the confines of erudition and physical laws. I fashion my destiny with aspirations and volition of Spirit that I am-to be the best version of myself! I clothe myself with velvet silk of joyful living! Everyone in the entire town knows my predilection for lucubration. The many white nights I spent deciphering the natural laws of creation have uplifted my spirit to the superlunary realms.

How many, who still subsist on tellurian soil, can fathom the Ouroboros, or the amphisbaena?  Fibonacci sequence and Pythagoras’ tetractys- the sum of four numbers (1+2+3+4=10), and regarded as a source of things, have fascinated great thinkers, poets and gnostics.

Is there among us anyone capable of reaching that threshold of exalted saintliness? A state of being that submits to that unspoken power inexorable and adamantine? I would give up all the Mithqal of gold to savour at last the peak of unadulterated freedom of the spirit, which effortlessly soar the empyrean towards perfection.



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