Ludwig Van Beethoven

From my heavenly vantage point

I can again relive my life,

As it was back then when I was young

And a fledgling trying to soar

On Zephyrus’s mighty currents.

Tempest-tossed, blessed by Polyhymnia,

Whose gold-embossed laurel I wore

With pride, I felt the hands of Rhadamanthus

On my earthly existence, and many afflictions

Assailed me to the point of exhaustion.

O Spirit Indefatigable! Soar now

On Love’s pinions outstretched,

Continue this quest to Life’s holy apogee,

Where God’s love perfectly reclines

In Crimson-hued ruby roses…

From chrysalis I now am a pathfinder

Opening up new paths for future generations….

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