Virtuous and glorious, my consanguineous Edelweiss, and love-drunk alpine roses; You opened up a path leading to my stern heart, where in the stillness of night I can retreat. A refuge of peace I at last have found in the bustling activities of everyday living.

Encircled by crimson-hued blossoms of otherworldly grandeur and splendor, which fervently radiate with exultant ardor of purest love, I feel enlivened in this secret Arcadian of hope!

You vernal sunrise of solemnity. Worthy of my Stygian heart is you, my eternal beloved. Her soul-ennobling smile, her rubicund sun-flowering cheeks that blossom anew every passing day with heavenly radiance; Her eyes soft delight of peerless Chrysolite.

I have indeed waited many lifetimes to find you well-hid in the core of my inmost being. Now I can say I love you with all my heart and soul.

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