Atop the Alps in Central Switzerland Jakob Bohme surveys the verdant hills and waterfalls. Russet glow of the receding sun leaves a crimson patina.

Jakob Bohme

To apprehend Nature’s quaternary forces
And conjure in all their ramifications
A theory of everything.
Shall I still linger at this threshold,
Which borders along outer limits of matter?
Beyond this obvious marge my Spirit’s
Sight gazes further to now behold
A Vast unexplored frontier
Whose majesty holds me spellbound.
Further still a world of highest
Sublimity makes its presence felt
To my inmost being: the self-shielded
Spark of divinity clothed
In purest assay of aureate flame!
Humbled by the grandeur of Creation
Unfurling its love-engendered opalescent
Petals above the shimmering azure,
Extraordinary illumination bestirs
My heart and the Godhead I now
Know lay far beyond my horizon.
My spirit has reached the outpost
Of eternity, and to any go any
Further would lead to its deliquescence…

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