Nature in her variegated beauty and manifestations have always captivated me. The floral world has no doubt held us spellbound with their prelapsarian innocence. Why do we then feel enamored with flowers? Why do we find their allure so irresistible? The reason behind their seraphic magic lies in the very fact every flower is beautiful! Every human spirit, like a flower, has that inherent possibility of blossoming in grandeur; of becoming a rarefied specimen through the auspices of divine love. Just like different flowers add to the Elysian harmony of gardens, we also have the capacity to transform our world with our sweet fragrances.

Every noble thought that flares within us create an harmonic progression, which spread out its joyful colours and tones in the world unseen. In moments of profound joy or fervent prayers we immediately link up with angelic beings, who thereby carry our transmuted volition to the Isle of flowers, where they blossom in otherworldly glory that is pleasing to God!

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