From the embryonic to the Oceanic, see how marvellously the Universe proclaims God’s All-Holy glory! Pay no heed to the aeolists, who in their self-concept only wallow in their pseudery. The message from the Holy of Holies is revealed to those who bear within them a spark of Truth, to those who strive ardently in humility and childlikeness. Decades ago I stumbled upon a treasure trove abound in riches beyond compare. Clearly delineated in a language every homo sapiens could grasp, the entire vast creation is laid bare. The Cosmic laws, which had hitherto been guessed at but never fully understood; in one fell swoop, are revealed with such profound perspicacity!

Harmony and Beauty are the cornerstones of a Spiritual life. Man, how do you stand before thy Creator? In whose All-Encompassing power you surely derived your existence? Seek Him beyond the heavenly stars. Beyond all the vast spiritual realms. Beyond what is attainable by the glorious Archangels and Seraphims. Bow down in veneration before His utterable majesty!

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