The exultation of the Spirit is like diving into ocean of timelessness. The dazzling light that envelops one’s true super-essence, the all-permeating bliss that subsumes one’s consciousness is altogether beyond words. The ineffability of this otherworldly experience makes one fall in worship and reverential awe of the Universal Spirit to whom we owe our being and existence.

We are sometimes moved by the profundity inherent in the works of Christian mystics, composers, poets and enlightened beings who, through the ages, had tried to articulate the inexpressible. For many people indeed this has been the norm, More Majorum, of artistic figures who felt compelled to leave permanent imprints in the sand of time which continually create ripples in the souls of humankind

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813-1883) last Musical Drama Parsifal has fascinated not only music cognoscente, but also music lovers. One cannot but be moved by the glorious finale-the final Chorus is widely regarded as one of the most sublime piece of music ever rendered by the Human Spirit.

O Immortal Light! Most Sublime and Most Exalted are thou…let our divine sparks radiate in pureness and brilliance of the rarest and most luminous of diamonds. Homo sapiens are nothing more than drops of water in the ocean of plenitude and unity. Through our eternal striving may we attain the highest goal, which altogether lead to thy Kingdom!