I think of you…

I think of you
Every sunset and sunrise

I think of you
When in early morning hours
Of spring-quickening showers
I hear the dawn Chorus

I think of you
When the plenilune appears

I think of you
At the sight of vernal-blossoming
Fritillary bulbs

I think of you
As roscid freshness of dawn
Hangs over vales and dales

I think of you
When springtime emerges
Clothed in freshness of eternal youth…

The Zenith

What drives nature’s compelling forces before which stand I in awe?

Immense power flowing prodigiously, unceasingly from spiritual heights unattainable?

Inscrutable to the intellect, but what my Spirit vaguely senses is that all existence depends on God’s All-encompassing effulgence. He indeed is the En Soph: The infinite Light!

The Gnostic

Hermes Trismegistus:

In my sanctum is Nostradamus’
Prophecies laid bare,

To my crystal clear
Eyes I see the entire Cosmos

Clothed in language
Only I understood,

And ever present Sage
Immured within this heart of mine,

Whose inexorable diligence and steadfast longing for the Sublime
Propel my striving Spirit to heights

Undreamed-of; can at last behold that

Vast and light-enraptured realms, and their myriad manifestations and illuminations.

The Minstrel and Alchemist


Unfulfilled longing

Forever singing

And beating in my heart!

O pure rapture!

Sweet melodies surging

And wafting about me.

O delight in nature…

See how the nightingales

Sing Aubade to the night.

O let me become a blossoming spring

Bright as the heavenly aureoles.


A dazzling spark of the Divine

You bear within awaiting your call.

A gold-gilt sun brighter than all

The stars is hid within you.

Magnificently adorned with festoons of light from time immemorial, you were supposed to be lords on this Earth. How darkened and dim your spirits now appear, which aeons ago were as translucent as billions of diamonds put together…

The Message

From the embryonic to the Oceanic, see how marvellously the Universe proclaims God’s All-Holy glory! Pay no heed to the aeolists, who in their self-concept only wallow in their pseudery. The message from the Holy of Holies is revealed to those who bear within them a spark of Truth, to those who strive ardently in humility and childlikeness. Decades ago I stumbled upon a treasure trove abound in riches beyond compare. Clearly delineated in a language every homo sapiens could grasp, the entire vast creation is laid bare. The Cosmic laws, which had hitherto been guessed at but never fully understood; in one fell swoop, are revealed with such profound perspicacity!

Harmony and Beauty are the cornerstones of a Spiritual life. Man, how do you stand before thy Creator? In whose All-Encompassing power you surely derived your existence? Seek Him beyond the heavenly stars. Beyond all the vast spiritual realms. Beyond what is attainable by the glorious Archangels and Seraphims. Bow down in veneration before His utterable majesty!

Watch “RUMI: LIFE CHANGING Quotes (Sufism)” on YouTube

I must attain these colossal peaks brimming with grandeur and counterpoise, and from their vantage points, watch the terrains below me. Better still if I could soar the cerulean sky and see the world with penetrating gaze of Lynceus. Higher and higher till my wings can no longer beat to the sound of whirring wind…to live life fully and be touched by Spiritual life-currents…

The Isle of flowers

Nature in her variegated beauty and manifestations have always captivated me. The floral world has no doubt held us spellbound with their prelapsarian innocence. Why do we then feel enamored with flowers? Why do we find their allure so irresistible? The reason behind their seraphic magic lies in the very fact every flower is beautiful! Every human spirit, like a flower, has that inherent possibility of blossoming in grandeur; of becoming a rarefied specimen through the auspices of divine love. Just like different flowers add to the Elysian harmony of gardens, we also have the capacity to transform our world with our sweet fragrances.

Every noble thought that flares within us create an harmonic progression, which spread out its joyful colours and tones in the world unseen. In moments of profound joy or fervent prayers we immediately link up with angelic beings, who thereby carry our transmuted volition to the Isle of flowers, where they blossom in otherworldly glory that is pleasing to God!

Journey to the Alps

Bernese Oberland

Verdurous and fulgorous are the valleys, indomitable and steadfast the snow-capped mountains. The favonian salubrious air fills one’s heart with age-old stillness. The Sun, aurelian, aglow with Helios’ spark, has set the Lapis Lazuli sky alight. Whence comes this silence-that living alchemy transmuting everything into one perpetual glorious sound?

Divine Love

LOVE is all there is…

A heart that is forever consecrated

Will pulsate in beauty and oneness.

All dross will in time be obliterated,

Would radiate in harmony and pureness…

So shall all immerse in love ineffable

And subsist in rapture perdurable…

How alive and conscious are we?

What is our intention this very moment?

What is this tumultuous ferment

That cast an iron grip on every

Living soul, is it worth our attention?

Would this lead to illumination?

Retreat then into santum of silence.

Abide there in this ocean of wonderment,

Away from this soul-deadening pestilence…