Festival of the The Holy Dove

At the zenith of all creation, outside the boundless divine

Where in full splendour of God’s All-Holy love a lofty

Temple rise in roseate light of highest sublimity,

Within this solemn sanctum, at its innermost core, a wondrous translucent chalice radiates in holiness; bubbling and effervescent like glowing red-blood wine. It is not granted us to behold this magical spectacle. For our spirits lack obviously the vigour and lightness to enable us reach this holy of holies.

O This Yearning…

Nighfall comes laden with sweet smell of lavender, and the far-flung azure echoes its soulful intent. Wondrous, translucent stars pour out argent lambency onto a lake unclouded by ponderance and agitation. So begins this nocturnal benediction inviting us into a refuge of long-lasting calm, which now envelopes the vales.

The circling, sibilant sound of turtle doves hang in the air. Nightingales sing glorious hymns to the Evenstar, and to the queen of flowers: The Rose.

O this yearning…



O what solemn bliss

fills the heart

When a thimbleful

Sip Of divine love

Depurate it from earthly dross…

White and crystalline like the snow,

It glows like the morning star…

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Ich sang an meiner Nebelschur

Nun Nahrung aus der Welt

Und herrlich rings ist die Natur.

Die mich an Busen halt

Die Welle wieget unsern Kahn…

Now through my navel-string I suck nourishment

From the World. And splendid all around is Nature,

holding me in bosom. The wave lifts and rocks our boat in the rhythm of the oars, and mountains, cloud-girt, counter our course…

Beethoven : A Play

Beethoven is in his room deep in thought…he wears a saturnine mien. His brow riddled in agony but those hazel eyes still bear pure child-likeness.


O this anguish of soul though fleeting

Seems to me to last eternity.

Amidst gloomy and brooding thoughts wafting

Over my head, the Muses’ lofty

Cadences still weave their lucent magic.

Restored by the limpidity that now

Engulf me, a new opening has indeed

Been carved in my inmost being-

An oculus through which purest distillation

Of musical ideas emerge full-fledged

And forever uniting with Nature’s transcendent laws…